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Abstract:Analyse qualitative des déterminants psychosociologiques du choix de la forme de délinquance par les jeunes en Côte d’Ivoire : Cas du cybercriminel (brouteur) et de l’enfant en conflit avec la loi (microbe)

This study analyzes the psychological determinants of the choice of the type of delinquency by children in conflict with the law (microbe) and cybercriminals (grazers). This research is qualitative. We interviewed a microbe and a cybercriminal. These subjects were subjected to a semi-structured interview. Their words are exploited using content analysis. Subjects were interviewed for their socio-economic background, personality, peer influence or gang membership, drug addiction, use of mystical practices, misdemeanors and crimes committed. An examination of the results shows that the personality is the prominent factor, determining the shift into delinquency and the choice of the form of delinquency.

Keywords: Delinquent, Microbe, Cybercriminal.

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Abstract (Figuration de l’échec dans Les choses de Georges Perec)

The theme of failure is made current by a very prolific 20th century literature which focuses on the human condition. And Georges Perec makes it a source that allows him to explore the specificities of a contemporary society that exclusively focuses on matter and possession. A perception which leads us to question the notion of failure which exposes the social and psychological vulnerability of singular characters. To nourish this reflection, we relied on the significance of the discourse
of failure in his text Les choses; this favored the analysis of a fairly characteristic writing of objects and things.
Keywords : incapacity, inaction, fatality, loser, negation

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Abstract (Praxéologie des affiches de la COVID-19 : le cas de Ouagadougou)

The advent of COVID-19 has plunged the world into
manifestly surprising vulnerability. The consequences extend to almost all

walks of life. In the face of this deleterious climate, humanity is trying to
react. Consequently, measures are being taken both globally, notably
through the WHO, and nationally. Burkina Faso, like other countries, has,
among other things, developed response strategies to try to contain the
pandemic. This concerns in particular the declination of gestures or barrier
measures and the exhortation to respect them, supposed to put an end in
the long or short term to the chain of contamination of the disease. To
achieve wide dissemination of these measures, several media supports
have been used, among which can be cited, TV, radio, Internet, billboards.
Among these media, television, display but also the Internet, in many cases,
have the particularity, in their content (s) on COVID-19, of showing
simultaneously, concomitant and interactive image and linguistics. The
reflection initiated within the framework of this article is, in doing so, to
ask whether such a configuration, which brings together image and
language, does not have a particular added value in terms of effective
« means of action » on the public.
Keywords: Pragmatics, semiotic practices, urban displays, COVID-19

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Abstract ( Poétique et exotisme chez Victor Hugo et Koutchoukalo Tchassim.)

Poetry is, in its mystical essence, a co-birth, a meeting between
the poet’s inner world and the outside world, leading to a fruitful

metamorphosis. On the path of the exploration of the real and fictional
worlds, Victor Hugo and Koutchoukalo Tchassim stand in the field of great
work with the use of rhythm, images of an exuberant lexicon of exotic
landscape designations. Both poets have acquired a cosmic consciousness where
there is no separation between the great self, homo maximus, and the
world. On the one hand, beginning with Les plaies (2016) through Je ne suis
pas que négatif (2017) and leading to Elle (2019), Tchassim, by witnessing a
world of paradoxes, invites the reader to the table of a menu of words that
leads them in a baroque universe, reflection of postmodernity. On the
other hand, Hugo, one prominent figure of the romantic poetry, crosses
in Les orientales, the western and eastern civilizations with the painting of
the imagined oriental cultures. From a comparative perspective, Kenneth
White’s geopoetic 7

and Charles W. Morris’ semiotic approaches have

permitted to discover both authors’ cosmocultural8

perception through their

activist and humanistic poetic words.
Keywords: Comparative, Humanist, Geopoetics, Paradoxes, Poetic
Speech, Semiotics

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Abstract (Résumé (Éléments pour une sémiotique du vivre ensemble en Afrique à travers le mode participe)

For about 60 years period which corresponds to the age of
independence of almost all African countries, the continent has never
ceased to be regularly shaken by socio-political crises. This social upheaval
can be observed in the linguistic field. In the Côte d’Ivoire, French
linguage, in contact with local languages, knows ab avatar from certain
idioms through which it thrives. Thus, the Ivorians appropriate French by
adapting it to their sensitivity, a means of communication essential to the
needs of the expression of an ivorian thought. Moreover, this linguistic
community, under the name of the Francophonie, has a common
denominator in its idiom. The mode participates, perceveid as a linguistic
wealth, constitutes the unifying element within this community. It is the
common good of the entire Francophone community. It impose itself by
the rigidity of its morphosyntactic canons as prescribed by the legislator

of good use. This article aims to account for this idiom which constitutes
a mark of living together in the sense of the French-speaking community.
Keywords : Participle, Standard French, Ivorian French, Nouchi, Living

Together, French Community, Morphosyntactic.

Abstract (Perception de la qualité des prestations de soins de santé et ses déterminants : cas des centres hospitaliers de Lomé)

To determine the perceptions of users or clients remains a
major challenge for researchers and managers in order to identify
shortcomings and, in turn, develop strategies to improve the quality of
services provided. This study aims at analyzing the perception of users in
Lomé hospitals on the quality of the care they receive. To do this, a
questionnaire was developed for this purpose and administered to 120
users of two hospitals especially CHU Campus and CHU Sylvanus
Olympio in Lomé using the technique of « tout-venant » meaning the
technique in which « all-commers » without any selection are questionned.
The questionnaire administered was related to the perception of the
process of reception, consultation, complementary examinations,
purchase of products in pharmacy and health care. The results obtained
show that the users questionned in hospital have a perception according
to which it is necessary to « motivate » the health care agent in order to

obtain a good service. The results also show that the quality of care
provided depends on the reputation and appearance of the user.
Keywords: users, perceptions, quality, health care, provisions.

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Abstract (Facteurs psychosociaux de la dépigmentation volontaire de la peau chez les femmes à Lomé)

The present study aims to identify the psychosocial factors
associed to volontary skin lightening practices. It was carried out in the
district of Grand Lomé on 320 women, aged 21 to 60, who have been
voluntarily lightening their skin for at least 6 months. A questionnaire and
the Rosenberg Self-Esteem Scale were used to collect the data. The results
show that the main psychosocial factors are the desire to feel beautiful and
attractive, the desire to look like friends or models, the spouse’s demand
and mockery from those around them. In addition, most of the women
have negative self-esteem.

Keywords: Psychosocial Factors, Skin Lightening, Body Image, Self-
Esteem, Woman.

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Abstract (Vécu de la maladie chronique chez les patients hypertendus suivis au CHU Campus de Lomé)

The occurrence of a disease that cannot be cured even if it can
be cured, breaks the fluid experience of time. High blood pressure is a
long-lasting, progressive condition often associated with disability. The
objective of this research was to assess the experience of chronic disease
in hypertensive patients followed at the CHU Campus de Lomé. Data
were collected by semi-structured interview and processed with Sphinx
statistical software and the logical-semantic method of content analysis. At
the end of the study, we found a favorable experience in 66.7% of cases
marked by an experience of the disease as a means of appreciating the
value of life. The pejorative experience manifested itself as an experience
of the disease through a feeling of persecution (44.4%). In view of the
results of this study, it is important to systematically offer psychological
care to hypertensive patients to improve their experience of the disease
and their quality of life.

Keywords: Chronic disease, hypertension, psychological care.

Abstract (Connaissance et gestion de la maladie mentale par les tradipraticiens en pays Moba au Nord Togo)

This research aims to take stock of the knowledge and
management of mental illness by traditional healers in Moba country in

northern Togo through the understanding of cultural aspects in order to
better design modern care. This is a descriptive cross-sectional study that
affected 87 people carried out in the prefecture of Tône from March 14
to September 14, 2016. Mental illness is defined as a supernatural disorder
of reasoning and behavior. The causes mentioned are mystical-religious,
biological and toxic. Psychotic disorders are the best known compared to
anxiety and mood disorders. They are curable by plants associated with
the use of sacrificial ceremonies and rituals by witch doctors. Patients pass
from traditional healers to health facilities in the event of dissatisfaction
or from health workers to traditional healers in « black disease » situations.
Mental illness remains a cultural illness for the Moba. Traditional
understanding by caregivers will improve patient adherence to modern
medical practices.
Keywords: Perception, Mental Illness, Moba, North-Togo

Abstract (Prédire et expliquer le changement de parti politique : une étude exploratoire sur la base de la théorie du comportement planifié)

The present study, carried out on 270 women and men, uses the
model of the theory of planned behavior (Ajzen, 1985), to predict the
change of political party. The latter is actually predicted by attitude,
subjective norms and behavioral intention. On the other hand, perceived
control does not seem to have any statistically observable role.
Membership in a political party follows the same rules as other types of
groups, namely identification, utility and cohesion. The negative
representation of the change of party would be due to external attributions
not taking into account individual realities and sometimes having a
monetary character.
Keywords: Change of Political Party, Theory of Planned Behavior

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