Abstract (Connaissance et gestion de la maladie mentale par les tradipraticiens en pays Moba au Nord Togo)

This research aims to take stock of the knowledge and
management of mental illness by traditional healers in Moba country in

northern Togo through the understanding of cultural aspects in order to
better design modern care. This is a descriptive cross-sectional study that
affected 87 people carried out in the prefecture of Tône from March 14
to September 14, 2016. Mental illness is defined as a supernatural disorder
of reasoning and behavior. The causes mentioned are mystical-religious,
biological and toxic. Psychotic disorders are the best known compared to
anxiety and mood disorders. They are curable by plants associated with
the use of sacrificial ceremonies and rituals by witch doctors. Patients pass
from traditional healers to health facilities in the event of dissatisfaction
or from health workers to traditional healers in « black disease » situations.
Mental illness remains a cultural illness for the Moba. Traditional
understanding by caregivers will improve patient adherence to modern
medical practices.
Keywords: Perception, Mental Illness, Moba, North-Togo