Abstract (Vécu de la maladie chronique chez les patients hypertendus suivis au CHU Campus de Lomé)

The occurrence of a disease that cannot be cured even if it can
be cured, breaks the fluid experience of time. High blood pressure is a
long-lasting, progressive condition often associated with disability. The
objective of this research was to assess the experience of chronic disease
in hypertensive patients followed at the CHU Campus de Lomé. Data
were collected by semi-structured interview and processed with Sphinx
statistical software and the logical-semantic method of content analysis. At
the end of the study, we found a favorable experience in 66.7% of cases
marked by an experience of the disease as a means of appreciating the
value of life. The pejorative experience manifested itself as an experience
of the disease through a feeling of persecution (44.4%). In view of the
results of this study, it is important to systematically offer psychological
care to hypertensive patients to improve their experience of the disease
and their quality of life.

Keywords: Chronic disease, hypertension, psychological care.