Abstract (Perception de la qualité des prestations de soins de santé et ses déterminants : cas des centres hospitaliers de Lomé)

To determine the perceptions of users or clients remains a
major challenge for researchers and managers in order to identify
shortcomings and, in turn, develop strategies to improve the quality of
services provided. This study aims at analyzing the perception of users in
Lomé hospitals on the quality of the care they receive. To do this, a
questionnaire was developed for this purpose and administered to 120
users of two hospitals especially CHU Campus and CHU Sylvanus
Olympio in Lomé using the technique of « tout-venant » meaning the
technique in which « all-commers » without any selection are questionned.
The questionnaire administered was related to the perception of the
process of reception, consultation, complementary examinations,
purchase of products in pharmacy and health care. The results obtained
show that the users questionned in hospital have a perception according
to which it is necessary to « motivate » the health care agent in order to

obtain a good service. The results also show that the quality of care
provided depends on the reputation and appearance of the user.
Keywords: users, perceptions, quality, health care, provisions.

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