Abstract (La gouvernance politique à l’épreuve de l’intérêt collectif en Afrique : une approche machiavélienne de la question)

If we agree that there is no human being who resigns himself
to death without showing any startle or instinct for survival, then Africa,
compared to this human being, has been waging a fight against death since
colonial times until today. She thus refuses to let herself die by her own
doing or by that of the West, which has no other ambition than to
accompany her in this socio-political agony. African political governance
will have no other choice than the dynamic search for a life that would
promote the emergence of the African continent. But this path, the best
indicated which could breathe new life into it, is none other than the quest
for the collective interest, to the detriment of the individual and the
egocentric. In this, the necessary assumption of a virtuous prince can
avoid the tragedy of the commons in the Machiavellian sense.
Keywords: Good governance – Collective interest – Moral – Ethics –
Education – sustainable development – Security.

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