Abstract (Psychosocial factors of voluntary skin depigmentation among women in Lomé)

The present study aims to identify the psychosocial factors
associated to volontary skin lightening practices. It was carried out in the
district of Grand Lomé on 320 women, aged 21 to 60, who have been
voluntarily lightening their skin for at least 6 months. A questionnaire and
the Rosenberg Self-Esteem Scale were used to collect the data. The results
show that the main psychosocial factors are the desire to feel beautiful and
attractive, the desire to look like friends or models, the spouse's demand
and mockery from those around them. In addition, most of the women
have negative self-esteem.

Keywords: Psychosocial Factors, Skin Lightening, Body Image, Self-
Esteem, Woman.

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