Uirtus Vol 1. N° 2; December 2021

Motorcycle crime in Abidjan and Bouaké

Koménan Raphael Ya N'da Joseph Dakon & Kafé Guy Christian Kroubo

Cyber-violence and the need to incorporate computer skills in primary and general education curricula in Togo

Ati-Mola Tchassama ♣

The Pandemic Security Force puts Covid-19 to the test in Togo

Assindah Magnetine

Resilience and social reintegration of people affected by Covid-19 in the Gbeke Region (Côte d'Ivoire)

Zoumana Coulibaly,♣
Ahi Noel Kouadio & Antoine Droh

Professional recognition and motivation at work

Sadji N. Gbandey♣, Raissa Zomblewou & Paboussoum Pari

Implementation of the Approche Par Compétences (APC) in French teaching of French and influences on learners' academic performance of learners in Benin. Le cas au Collège d'Enseignement Général Houéyiho de Cotonou

Guillaume Abiodoun Chogolou Odouwo♣

Predicting and explaining political party switching: an exploratory study based on the theory of planned behavior

Mayaki Fatchima♣ & Issa Mamadel Bassirou

Knowledge and management of mental illness by
traditional healers in Moba country in northern Togo

Matiéyédou Bomboma,♣ Mouftaou Amadou Sanni,Simliwa Dassa K.,Bili Douti & Faïdibe Yentaguimehima

Experiences of chronic illness in hypertensive patients at the CHU Campus de Lomé

Marodégueba Barma♣

Psychosocial factors in voluntary skin depigmentation among women in Lomé

Kaka Kalina♣

Perceived quality of healthcare services and its determinants: the case of Lomé hospitals

Pazambadi Kazimna♣

Elements for a semiotics of living together in Africa through the participatory mode

Yao Charles Bony

Elements for a semiotics of living together in Africa through the participation mode.

Yao Charles Bony♣

Poetics and exoticism in Victor Hugo and Koutchoukalo Tchassim

Koffi Dodzi Nouvlo♣ & Piyabalo Nabede

Praxeology of COVID-19 posters: the case of Ouagadougou

Ibraogo Kabore♣

Figuration of failure in Georges Perec's Les choses

Adjé Justin Aka♣

Diastratic variation in Kabiyè, the Gur language of Togo

Palakyém Mouzou♣

Grammatical intervention: before or after the learner's production?

Moussa Mamadou Diallo♣

Scientific invention and human responsibility in Frankenstein a techno-ethical perspective

Mabandine Djagri Temoukale

Lexico-Grammatical Analysis of Three Excerpts Selected from Toni Morrison's Paradise: Focus on Experiential Meaning

Didier Kombieni,♣ Nassourou Imorou & Amadou Salami

Radical Islamism and the Issue of African Nation Building: A Reading of Elnathan John's Born on a Tuesday (2015)

Kouakou M'Bra♣

Directory of languages in the city of Ouagadougou: the case of working-class neighbourhoods

Tiga Alain Ouédraogo♣ & Issa Ouédraogo

WARDA and rice development in West Africa (1971 - 2009)

Lassina Songfolo Yeo♣

Environmental balance in the age of globalization in a personalist context

Ousséni Dierma♣

Ontotheology and the oblivion of being: revisiting the concept

Koffi Alexis Koffi ♣

Outline of an approach to solutions in an Africa losing its cultural values

Miesso Abalo♣

Political governance put to the test of collective interest in Africa: a Machiavellian approach to the question

Youldé Stéphane Dahé ♣

Emergence and recognition: at the heart of an analysis of the problematic of the Same and the Other in Emmanuel Levinas

Adama Coulibaly♣

The "patriotism/own arms" pair: Machiavelli's Gordian knot of political freedom

Séa Frédéric Pléhia♣

Military reforms to meet security challenges in sub-Saharan Africa in the light of Nicolas Machiavelli's political project

Chantal Palé Koutouan♣

Muslims and political power in Côte d'Ivoire: between collaboration and instrumentalization (1990-2011)

Hyacinthe Digbeugby Bley ♣
& Noël Okobé Datro

Biography of Assou, a high-ranking dignitary of the Sahe kingdom (1704-1733)

Arthur Vido♣

The role of cultural and creative industries in regional border management and cross-border mobility in West Africa: the case of Nollywood in Nigeria

Elavagnon Dorothée Dognon♣

History of the parish of Saint Gabriel de Botro from 1969 to 2020

N'guessan Bernard Kouamé♣

The problem of the effective transfer of the political and administrative capital to Yamoussoukro (Ivory Coast): 1983-2017

Kouakou Didié Kouadio♣

The body of law enforcement officers in Togo:
creation, reorganizations, roles (1884-1946)

Agnélé Lassey♣

The history of the Vogan chiefdom, from Assigblé Adra (1890) to Jacob Kalipé (1982)

Azontowou Senou ♣

Prioritizing television news in Congo (Brazzaville)

Jonas Charles Ndeke♣