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The degree of perfection that a person has in his or her kind, excellence has been the hallmark of universities and science since the 10th century. Highly sought-after and cultivated by the world's schools and universities, it has given rise to expressions such as center of excellence, courses of excellence, awards of excellence, tradition of excellence, academic excellence, scientific excellence, scholastic excellence, and so on. It is this that gives the journal its name: UIRTUS. The journal's founders aim to publish excellently written scientific articles based on research using the most widely-used tools in science.




The journal is managed by a dynamic team comprising an editorial board and a scientific committee.

UIRTUS Journal covers the fields of Humanities and Social Sciences, which encompass academic disciplines that share a common interest in the study of humanities, and of social interactions between individuals, groups and their environments.

Scientific articles in Literature, Languages and Social Sciences.

Information importante

UIRTUS publie trois fois l’an à raison de avril, août et décembre. Pour le neuvième numéro à paraître en avril, les contributions sont à soumettre avant le 28 février 2024 (Voir l’appel à contributions pour plus de détails).

Submission conditions

FORMAT:The contribution will be in WORD format and adapted to the editorial standards consultable on the site below.

Appraisal fees: Upon receipt of the article proposal, the contributor will receive instructions on the payment of the appraisal fees, which amount to 30$ US to be paid before any appraisal procedure.

Publication costs: After review of the article submitted, if it is accepted for publication, the contributor will pay a sum of 70$ to cover insertion costs.

NB: Your proposals, whatever their field or discipline, must be original and not have been published in any other scientific journal.

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Authors of accepted papers must also provide a 100-word abstract in French and an abstract in English for the article. The abstract should be accompanied by a maximum of 6 keywords and submitted at the same time as the final version of the article for review. 

Our publications

Published articles are listed by number, but you can search for them by title or subject area.