Uirtus Vol. 1, N°. 1; August 2021

Deficient Motherhood and its Impacts on the Male Child Development: An Approach to "Basil" in Gloria Naylor's The Men of Brewster Place

Poetics of "reign names" in Sony Labou Tansi's La vie et demie and L'état honteux

Gashella Princia Wynith Kadima-Nzuji

Prince Fama in Ahmadou Kourouma's Les soleils des indépendances: From honors to honor

Yayo Vincent Danho



Theimage of the poet in Jean Vauthier's Le rêveur

Yohou Constant Dahiri

 Lyrical enunciation and the question of rhythm in N'dolo sung poetry from Côte d'Ivoire

Jean De Dieu Krouwa

An anthropological approach to understanding ritual infanticide in the Yom region of Benin

Kouami Auguste Takpé & Mora Abdoulaye Bénon

Philosophy and humanity

Idi Boukar

Akodessewa (Lomé), a market with a "commercial ghetto" feel

Yentougble Moutore & Gountante Dansoip

Social representations of the "chatty genius" phenomenon in Zinder schools

Issoufou Oumarou

A socio-political approach to cannabis decriminalization: the case of Côte d'Ivoire

Komenan Raphael Ya, Konan Jean-Claude Kouassi & Zozo Alain Dedou

 Qualitative analysis of the psychosociological determinants of the choice of the form of delinquency by young people in Côte d'Ivoire: Case of the cybercriminal (brouteur) and the child in conflict with the law (microbe)

Amegnan Lydie Kone, Saga Bernard Loba & LOgon Albert Thierry Djako

Causal explanation, motorcycle accident experience and accident-prone behavior among motorcyclists in Bouaké

 Konan Simon Kouame

 Impacts of communication on agricultural development: the case of the Baguinéda irrigation scheme in Mali

Soumana Koné & Souabou Togo

University violence in Niger

Fatchima Mayaki

Ownership of conflict management by the villages of the M'batto commune

Ekian Noël N'Goran

Social representations of the teacher and involvement in studies: the example of students at UFHB Abidjan

Mathias Kei

Social unrest in Un enfant du pays and Condamné avec souci

Djignéfa A. Agouze

The role of social support in self-care for people with hypertension

Bili Douti , Lardja Kanati & Etienne Kimessoukié Omolomo

West-Deutschland und Mali Um 1960: Die Politischen Beziehungen dieser Beiden Lander Besoinders Kurz nach der Unabhangigkeit Malis

Daba Gbota

The original Mandingo in Ahmadou Kourouma's Suns of Independence, a space of happiness

Koné Diakaridia

The hidden dimension of pedagogy in the Ouenzé II school district in Brazzaville

Guy Moussavou