Abstract (Résilience et réinsertion sociale des personnes ayant souffert de la Covid-19 dans la Region du Gbeke (Côte d’Ivoire))

The Covid-19 pandemic has led to many changes in the
lifestyles of populations. The people who suffered from it faced
reintegration difficulties. The objective of this study is to analyze their
resilience strategies to live in harmony with those around them after the
pathological episode. The study is qualitative and favors reasoned choice
and the snowball technique for the selection of respondents. It concerned
eleven (11) people who suffered from covid-19 and who were declared
cured after a period of confinement and treatment. The results showed
that people who suffered from Covid-19 and declared themselves cured
were subject to prejudice and stigma that disrupted their relationships with

others. They affirmed to mobilize their own aptitudes to overcome the
difficulties which are of an economic, identity and relational nature. Local
aid resources were also an important contribution through social networks.
Keywords: Pandemic, Covid-19, Resilience, Reintegration, Sociability.