Abstract (Reconnaissance professionnelle et motivation au travail)

Motivation is one of the most relevant factors in the
psychosocial analysis of companies today. There are several motivation
levers, among others: working conditions, the remuneration system and
management strategies including clear and transparent communication
and professional acknowledgement. This last notion is an important factor
in mobilizing human resources and an essential element if the right balance

is to be found between organizational efficiency and the well-being of
workers (Siegrist). The objective of this study was to understand work
motivation as a function of professional acknowledgement. We therefore
hypothesized a relationship between acknowledgement and motivation at
work. In order to verify this hypothesis, we conducted a survey of one
hundred and six (106) agents of several security companies using the work
acknowledgement scales of Fall and work motivation of Blais and al. This
study shows that acknowledgement have different effects on demotivation
at work. While corporate acknowledgement does have an impact on
demotivation (r = 0,399; p =0,000), the same cannot be said for
acknowledgement from superiors (r = 0,086 et p = 0,382) and
acknowledgement by peers (r = 0,186 et p = 15,37).
Keywords: Professional Acknowledgement, Motivation at work,

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