Abstract (Le discours de la dénonciation et de la sublimation dans C’est le soleil qui m’a brûlée de Calixthe Beyala)

In African literature, the woman is a theme that many writers
have discussed from the colonial era to the present day. The woman has
always been told by the man and not by the woman herself in many literary
works. The status of women has been the subject of many questions since
the beginning. The myth of the Garden of Eden presents the tempting
woman, whose irresistible charms lead the man to disobedience and
perdition. Since then, the man has known how to take his revenge, stifling
the woman’s voice, even overwhelming it with his physical strength and
arrogance. Calixthe Beyala strives to break down the inferiorizing images
of women by denouncing the violence that tradition perpetuates against
them and calls on women to courageously take their destiny into their own
hands and to sublimate their bodies, their thoughts and actions.
Keywords: Men, women, relationships, denunciation, victimization,
sublimation, valorization