Abstract (Esquisse d’une approche de solutions dans une Afrique en perte de ses valeurs culturelles)

African values undergo, by their opening to the foreign cultures,
an influence which does not stops dragging them toward adrift world. If
the coming back to the old traditions with their rituals, their endless
discussions, their cults, brief their values are no more possible, let’s keep
in mind that the young people are more minded of the foreign values that
the internationalization effects impose. This is how ethics, the neighbor’s
love, solidarity and humanism, once considered like priority of the
priorities in terms of values, are endangered to the profit of a world
without heart. Today, the African traditional values appear in proceedings,

either to celebrate them, either to regret that they are not anymore what
they were some years ago. Even though we are conscious that the coming
back to these values of yesteryear is impossible because of the outside
influences in the context of accelerated internationalization these last
decades, it is possible at least to take a certain number of measures aiming
to protect these values regarding the ontological point of view in spite of
their opening to the foreign cultures. In other words, it is possible that the
opening of the African values to the other cultures does not affect their
authenticity completely if the transmission and protective measures of
these values are adequate
Keywords : Authenticity, Cultures, Influence, Measures, African Values,.

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