Abstract (Biographie d’Assou, un haut dignitaire du royaume de Sahé (1704-1733))

The author traces the life and work of a great dignitary of the
Kingdom of Sahé named Assou. Thanks to the stories left by some
European travelers of the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, he
describes a handsome tall man, with a positive spirit. Generous and loyal,
he is very attentive to the care of his family. On behalf of the royal power,
he deals with external relations and is in intimacy of the monarch. A very
influential minister, he is entitled to public honors and is adulated by
French merchants. On the death of King Ayisan on October 8, 1708, it
was he who forced the enthronement of young Houffon. However,
undermined by internal divisions, the Houeda Kingdom was invaded in
1727 by the soldiers of Danxomè. Assou then enters into resistance and
ends up losing his life on June 15, 1733. The death of the king of the

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