Abstract : Place du soutien social dans l’autosoin des personnes vivant avec l’hypertension arterielle

The effective management of hypertension (hypertension) requires involvement of the sick person. This ability to take care of oneself is self-care. Several factors influence self-care, one of which is social support. The authors disagree on the contribution of social support to the self-care process. The objective of this research is to determine the place of social support in identifying the social factors that influence the self-care of people living with hypertension. Correlational research was conducted with 603 sick people. The collection took place in the health regions of Togo from December 2019 to March 2020. Social support varies according to age, gender and level of education. It has a relatively small negative factor contribution (31%) in the self-care process. Even if the ill person needs their support network to overcome their difficulties, the intervention of loved ones must be controlled to avoid overwhelming and intrusive support capable of interfering with self-care

Keywords: HTA, person living with hypertension, social support and self-care

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