Abstract: Le malaise social dans Un enfant du pays et Condamné avec souci

The restriction of individual freedom and ambitions has been a major concern for men and women over time. Securing one’s rights is an unalienable value that we achieve very often through strenuous efforts. Marginalization of individuals as regards their rights is a source of strength for the victims who perpetrate crimes epitomizing their dignity they are denied by the strongest men in society. Richard Wright’s Native Son and Cal Avono’s Condamné avec souci portray respectively a society, which produces reactionary people. Taking inspiration from the Psychoanalytic criticism, this article highlights the causes of demeanors in their text. In other words, the article sought to pinpoint the perception of the marginalized people in the American and African contexts so as to analyze their place and the unavoidable behaviors they adopt challenging arbitrary norms for a sustainable development.

Keywords: Malaise, restriction, marginalization, victimhood, behaviors  

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