Abstract: Représentations sociales du phénomène de « génie tchatcheur » en milieu scolaire à Zinder

This paper is a reflection on the phenomenon of collective crises affecting girls in Niger’s schools in general and Zinder in connection with the social and cultural representations was in the school world concerns. This phenomenon called « Chatter genius » by the actors is the subject of sociological analysis. To corroborate these assumptions, the mixed approach has been implemented through quantitative and qualitative research. Girls affected by the « genius Chatter » the questionnaire survey has uncovered their characteristics, the description of the manifestation of the crisis, the severity of the ease of spreading its scale, and their perception of those around them. Above all, it permits direction of conflicts and difficulties of the therapeutic choice of route. Interviews with the entourage (parents, administrative and technical staff and students) and therapists also understand various interpretations of the crisis and the difficulties they create in relation to decision making.

Keywords: « Chatter genius », Social and Cultural Representation, Possession, School Environment, Collective Crisis.  

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