Abstract: Approche anthropologique de la compréhension de l’infanticide rituel en milieu yom au Bénin

Infanticide is often practiced by the Yom community. It is a phenomenon that consists of killing infants deemed to be witch children. No other socio-cultural group is the source of this practice, even if it exists in other forms elsewhere. The present research aims to analyze the problem of the persistence of the phenomenon of ritual infanticide in the Yom community. A qualitative methodological approach based on documentary research, observation and interviews with 51 individuals was used, using the technique of reasoned choice and snowballing. The strategic functionalist approaches of B. Malinowki and the determinism of the sociology of deviance of A. Ogien were used to analyze the data. The research reveals that children born at eight months by the buttocks, face up, beginning dentition through the upper jaw, with visible birth defects are considered a source of curse by the community. They must then be removed by physical extermination so that peace reigns in the community.

Keywords: Practices, infanticide, child witches, Yom community, Copargo.

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