Abstract:Énonciation lyrique et la question du rythme dans la poésie chantée N’dolo[1]  de Côte d’Ivoire

In most traditional African societies, there are poetic forms for saying goodbye to the dead. These are poems that retrace facts, feats and even physical portrait of the deceased. These outpouring works make it possible to express the bruises of the community facing death. Lyric inspiration texts, they try to soften the audience. N’dolo poetry fits in this direction. It is one of the poetries that accompanies the deceased in Agni­ country. This poetic genre is imbued with lexemes and punctuation with a lyrical connotation. The serial rhythm highlights a lyricism of the elegiac type.

Keywords: Poetic, Lyrical enunciation, N’dolo, Elegiac, Tight rhythm, Serial rhythm.

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