Abstract (Onto-théologie et oubli de l’être : pour une re-visitation du concept)

Insofar as it culminates in the Absolute and tends to reduce

Being to the religious being, Heidegger qualifies Hegelian thought of onto-
theology. Considering that ontology theology does not admit what should

be called « the ontological difference » and that it consecrates in a certain
way the occultation of Being in its un-celestial truth, the black forest
Philosopher embarks again on the path of thought in an attempt to locate
the original site of Being as the presence of the present. In this sense, he
intends to distinguish the source region from the Being of the supreme

being (God), and by ricochet delimit the metaphysical domain by re-
visiting the concept of Being as such.

Keywords: God, Ontological difference, Being, Unthought, Onto-
theology, Forgetting Being, Re-petition.