Abstract:Analyse qualitative des déterminants psychosociologiques du choix de la forme de délinquance par les jeunes en Côte d’Ivoire : Cas du cybercriminel (brouteur) et de l’enfant en conflit avec la loi (microbe)

This study analyzes the psychological determinants of the choice of the type of delinquency by children in conflict with the law (microbe) and cybercriminals (grazers). This research is qualitative. We interviewed a microbe and a cybercriminal. These subjects were subjected to a semi-structured interview. Their words are exploited using content analysis. Subjects were interviewed for their socio-economic background, personality, peer influence or gang membership, drug addiction, use of mystical practices, misdemeanors and crimes committed. An examination of the results shows that the personality is the prominent factor, determining the shift into delinquency and the choice of the form of delinquency.

Keywords: Delinquent, Microbe, Cybercriminal.

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