Abstract(Une vie de bonne ou les employées de maison maliennes à Niamey)

This paper analyzes the conditions of domestic workers of
Malian origin in Niamey (the capital of Niger). It examines the motives for
the migrants’ adventure, their itineraries, the multiple strategies for
adapting to the socio-professional realities of the host environment, and
their mode of organization. The study is based on a qualitative method
using semi-structured interviews, life stories and direct observation. Other

sources of information were supplemented by written, audio and audio-
visual documents. The sample consisted of female employees and

employers. The scientific interest of the work lies in highlighting the
capacity of a foreign community, female and young at that, to enter a
competitive professional field, and then to occupy a quasi-hegemonic

position in it, in well-defined households. The paper found that the
primary motivation for the maids is the search for income to support
themselves and their village relatives. Employment is acquired through
intermediation, conducted informally and often at great sacrifice.
Keywords: Migrant Women, Domestic Workers, Work, Profession,

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