Abstract (Opinions et attitudes des populations abidjanaises face à la vaccination contre la Covid-19)

The Covid-19 pandemic has claimed many lives around the
world. The discovery of different vaccines has sparked hope in the battle
against this disease. However, despite the availability of vaccines, the
Ivorian populations did not strongly mobilize to be vaccinated. Why such
a reaction from them? The objective of this study is to analyze and explain
the opinions and attitudes of the Abidjan populations with regard to
vaccination against COVID-19. The documentary study associated with a
questionnaire and semi-structured interviews constituted the data
collection techniques for this study. A mixed approach (quantitative and
qualitative) was favored for the analysis of these data. The results indicate
an influence of social networks and interpersonal communications on the
opinions and attitudes of populations in the non-adoption of vaccines
against Covid-19.

Keywords: Opinions and Attitudes, Vaccination, Abidjan Populations,
COVID-19, Resistance.

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