Abstract (Pratiques sociales de l’agroforesterie paysanne en milieu rural ivoirien : le cas des populations paysannes de Bongouanou (région du Moronou))

After being decried as an obstacle to better environmental
management, local knowledge has gained importance in global debates on
biodiversity since the 1990s. In this perspective, the present work tries to
question the peasant knowledge in terms of agroforestry practiced since
always by the Agni of Bongouanou. Forest area of the center-east of Côte
d’Ivoire about 200 km from Abidjan, Bongouanou is part of the large area
of the old cocoa loop. To do this, a methodological approach based on a
qualitative analysis was used. It consisted of a documentary review, direct

observation and an interview with 20 peasants coming from two villages
at the head of cocoa production in the department. From the analysis of
collected data, it appears that these peasants have very old knowledge of
agroforestry. They have always maintained and cared for trees in their
agricultural plantations. They develop agricultural practices associated
with the conservation of plants in their fields. These practices reflect both
the perceptions and functions that rural populations have of trees and the
various user rights associated with them.
Keywords: Agroforestry, Rural Aerea, Farmer, Bongouanou, Tree