Abstract (Le prince Fruku (Don Jeronimo) ou l’histoire d’une lignée écartée du trône du Danxomè, de Tégbésu (1740-1774) à Agonglo (1789- 1797))

The history of Danxomè is fruitful in secret and complex
schemes, settling of scores, disagreements and collective disobedience.
Everything was knotted and unraveled around the throne. News of a
king’s death usually followed a period of heightened antagonism between
The princes engaged in the race for power did not hesitate to use
any means necessary to oust their adversaries. The new monarch, to
establish his authority, could enslave some of his competitors. It is in this
context that this study takes place, which examines the life of Fruku, a
prince sent as a slave to Brazil when Tégbésu was king.

From the documentation based on accounts of European travelers
from the second half of the 18th century, books, articles, memoirs and
theses, we will pay particular attention to the origins of the fallen prince,
to his departure in Brazil, on his return to Danxomè and his claims to the
Keywords: Fruku, prince, Danxomè, Brazil, slave, throne.