Abstract (Réformes militaires face aux défis sécuritaires en Afrique subsaharienne à la lumière du projet politique de Nicolas Machiavel)

The upsurge in violence in sub-Saharan Africa makes the
security issue a major concern. In an irrevocably globalized context, how
does the leader go about conceptualizing the holistic conditions for the
security emergence of his state? Is it by strengthening military and political
reforms? The Machiavellian military science instructing the promotion of
defense and security forces, effective and citizen, can serve as a paradigm
for the reform of sub-Saharan African armed forces. It will be a question
of demonstrating, under the inspiration of Machiavellian nationalism, that
the communication between the politician and the military, favors the
emergence of the true security of the State, the territory, the people and
the goods.
Keywords : State, Political balance, Freedom, military reform, Security,