Abstract (Problématique du transfert effectif de la capitale politique et administrative à Yamoussoukro (côte d’ivoire) : 1983-2017)

The political and administrative capital of Côte d’Ivoire since
March 21, 1983, Yamoussoukro is still awaiting the transfer of state
institutions. What are the obstacles to the transfer of state institutions to
Yamoussoukro? The study aims to show that the effective transfer from
the capital to Yamoussoukro is hampered by a lack of political will and a
land question. The study uses written and oral sources. It highlights a law
of hasty transfer. Moreover, it stresses the existence of a thorny land
problem that prevents the delimitation of the Administrative and Political
Zone and the purging of land rights. It also shows that the dissolution of
the transfer programme is a major factor in the failure of the transfer from
the capital to Yamoussoukro.
Keywords: Administration, capital, politics, transfer, Yamoussoukro.

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