Abstract (L’équilibre environnemental à l’ère de la mondialisation dans un contexte personnaliste)

Globalization is a form of planetary economic system that has
taken on worrying proportions with the advent of technical and
technological progress, resulting in acrimonious competition between the
actors of the world market. This has led to an increase in industrial
production as each firm wants to produce better and stifle the others in
order to see them disappear from the market. It must be said that the
increase in production has also had consequences on the environment,
which are revealed by the degradation of biodiversity, by the often toxic
waste deposits in some places of the planet and by the pollution of the air
and water, as well as by the ugliness of nature. Among other solutions to

these inhuman behaviors towards our environment, perspectives of
gender, respect for biodiversity, the introduction of pollution tax to
minimize the actions of environmental pollution and the implementation
of the policy of sustainable development, based on a personalist education
aimed at the training of the person to a responsible existence vis-à-vis its
environment, have been considered.
Keywords : Globalization, Technical, Technological, Environment,

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