Abstract (Invention scientifique et responsabilité humaine dans Frankenstein : une perspective techno-éthique)

Man’s responsibility towards a scientific invention is one of the
central themes of Mary Shelley’s novel, Frankenstein. In a kind of trial, the
English novelist confronts the scientist and his invention on the issue of
responsibility. The pleadings of the two main characters (Victor
Frankenstein and the Monster) suggest the urgency of establishing
responsibilities as to a number of murders and injuries committed by the
Monster invented by Victor. My analysis proceeded as follow: first I
explored the semantics of responsibility from a legal-ethical perspective.
Then I showed the responsibility of the scientist through Victor, the
protagonist. Finally, I discussed the responsibility of the Monster, as a
scientific invention, in the various murders with the purpose of justifying
the collective responsibility of the human community.

Keywords: human intelligence, invention, murder, responsibility and

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