Abstract :La dimension cachée de la pédagogie dans la circonscription scolaire de Ouenzé II à Brazzaville

Our study focuses on the hidden dimension of teacher education Ouenze 2 in Brazzaville. This concept is defined as “the set of unanticipated situations that occur in the teaching-learning process that the teacher faces”.

The objectives of this study were to highlight the characteristics of the hidden dimension and its impact on the teaching-learning process. It was also a question of checking if the masters are aware of it. Observation and interview have served as instruments of investigation. Examination of the facts observed with teachers and the description they have given of their practice revealed that teaching work cannot be exonerated from the hidden dimension of pedagogy because it is intrinsic to any pedagogic practice to the point where it goes unnoticed. Awareness of the hidden dimension, far from being a puzzle, can become an added value on the management and authority of the master. To do this, it is necessary to review the training of teachers, to raise awareness and recontextualize the notion of class to increase the educational effectiveness of our teachers.

Keywords: Prescribed Dimension, Hidden Dimension, Reality of Classroom, Teaching Activity

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