Abstract: Philosophie et humanité

Devoted to the assessment of the relationship between Philosophy and Humanity, and recalling the significance of the claim of philosophy by Africans, this article attempts to show the absurdity of a certain conception of philosophy that would make it, the sole property of one culture to the detriment of others. Philosophy, whatever its content, is the expression of a certain attitude of (man) human being in the world, and therefore embodies the cultural identity/heritage of a people. And no people can claim to be the repository of the universal, which is only possible through the encounter of individuals. The reflection thus leads to the idea that the Western claim to be the homeland of philosophy, is a metaphysical violence and constitutes the real crisis of humanity. Hence, the need to break with the overhanging universalism in order to put forward the dialogue between cultures, the only possibility to build a lateral universal.

Keywords: Centrism, humanity, Philosophy, Universal, Universalism.