Abstract: Akodesséwa (Lomé), un marché aux allures de ‘‘ghetto commercial’’

The difficulties of urban integration that arise in Togolese cities require, in order to understand them, to question the social dynamics and especially the cultural logics at work. The territorial properties of the different districts in the city of Lomé determine the forms and logics of grouping of individuals. Akodessewa’s tendency towards territorial isolation is the consequence of the difficulties of professional integration and requires analyzing the system in terms of the residential trajectories of populations between Akodessewa and the territories of other neighborhoods and regions. To understand Akodesséwa’s functional logic,this research, apart from documentary research, was based on individual interviews with 34 actors from different socio-professional categories in the space dedicated to the sale of spare parts. The results obtained from the calculation of the isolation indices and the location quotient first showed a tendency towards homogeneity in the territory. It then emerged that Akodessewa fulfills a function of social but also religious recovery for the candidates for the city from the savannah region.

Keywords: Akodesséwa, Socio-Professional Integration, Religious Recovery

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