Abstract (Cyberviolence et nécessité d’une prise en compte des compétences en informatique dans les programmes de l’enseignement primaire et général au Togo)

It has often been said that the illiterate of tomorrow is the one
who has no computer skills. Thus, public WIFI offers young people the
opportunity to practice on WhatsApp, Facebook, etc. either through trial
and error or through their peers. If there are among them who have talents
at communicating through cybernetics, there are those who are victims of
cyber violence. However, the school does not have any program in this
direction to enable these young people to have minimum skills in
Information and Communication Technology in Education for their
socio-professional integration. This work aims to show the need for
computer programs for primary and general secondary education students
in Togo. We believe that a program adapted to each level of study

improved the profile of the citizen to be educated in relation to the
purpose of the Togolese education system. A documentary study and
interview with educational actors in the field such as teachers and their
students, inspectors of the education system prove this need.
Keywords: Learning, computer, cyberviolence, teaching.