Abstract (Le corps des agents de maintien de l’ordre au Togo :création, réorganisations, rôles (1884-1946))

The objective of this article is to show how the emergence and
the formation of this socio-professional category accentuated the colonial
domination in Togo from 1884 to 1946. Indeed, it appears that to mark
their presence and to keep in obedience the colonized populations of
which one could fear an uprising, the colonial powers created a security
force on the spot that could allow them to dominate and exercise their
authority over the African populations. In Togo, the situation was not
different either. Although initially their role was almost limited to the
internal and external protection of the colony, law enforcement and
security agents eventually established themselves as an indispensable
Keywords: dark force, war, troops, authority, security

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