Abstract (La promotion du leadership féminin à l’épreuve des contraintes socioculturelles : étude de cas du projet de promotion du leadership des filles à travers le football)

The main objective of this paper is to contribute to the
advancement of theoretical knowledge and to the improvement of project

ownership for sustainability. In particular, it takes a critical look at the
factors that limit the performance and sustainability of projects. The focus
of our analysis is on the influence of cultural particulary religious factors
in the adoption of soccer by girls in the framework of the project
« Promotion of girls’ leadership through football in the Tchaoudjo
prefecture ».
The mixed qualitative/quantitative method and the project case
study are the basis of the methodological protocol. Semi-structured
interviews, questionnaires and document analysis were used to collect
useful information.
These instruments allowed to generate reliable results that address
the limitations of the non-participatory approach to project management.
These are essentially the obscuring methodological and human factors
grouped into eleven (11) neglected factors around the three stages of the
project cycle (Project Genesis and Design, Project Planning and
Implementation, Project Closure and Transfer) that affect project
ownership. Also, these instruments facilitated the measurement of the
degree of influence of each of the identified factors. Finally, the results
achieved have allowed the development of an integrated project
management approach that is conducive to the ownership of the results
of these projects.
Keywords: Ownership, Participation, Girls, Football, Leadership,

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