Abstract (Variation diastratique en kabiyè, langue gur du Togo)

Linguistic homogeneity is a rare phenomenon that can be
observed among speakers of a single language. The societal practice of a
language such as Kabiye leaves room for linguistic heterogeneity
characterised by a rather dynamic lexical variation between certain
categories of speakers. So, what are the factors underlying such lexical
variation? Taken as a whole of language contact phenomena but described
from a lexicological perspective, this article takes as its substrate the
diversity of neological and stylistic processes in all the categories observed.
It considers diastratic variation as one aspect of lexical variation and the
very basis of linguistic dynamics. Several variables both internal and
external to languages and speakers are involved in this variation. The data
underlying the present study were collected in the prefecture of Kozah
from the different socio-professional categories of the population.
Keywords: Diastratic Variation, Lexical Creation, Kabiyè.

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