Le prince Fama dans Les soleils des indépendances d’Ahmadou Kourouma : Des honneurs à l’horreur

Abstract : The present reflection examines Les Soleils des indépendances from the perspective of honour and horror. Centred around Prince Fama, the scenography of honour is essentially a principle that governs the life of the hero. The honour which he authoritatively wears in his finery and prestige leads to the wanderings, inconsistencies and viral deviation of the new world, embodied by the independence and its escorting trappings. Individual and collective decay ruins the vanities and vacuums of honour to give voice to a spectacularisation of horror. The description bases its relevance and strength on a textual and narrative rhetoric to which it associates an aesthetic intelligence that informs a kind of large-format image setting. The concrete expressionism of words cannot ultimately absolve the tragedy of the hero.

Keywords: Fama, Prince, Honour, Deviance, Horror, Tragedy

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