Abstract: Impacts de la communication sur le développement agricole : Cas de l’office du périmètre irrigué de Baguinéda au Mali

As a country with an agricultural vocation, the development of agriculture in Mali through communication contributes to the well-being of the Malian populations, which is the stake of this study. It deals with communication for the benefit of the farm. This is to understand the use and impacts of communication on agricultural development of the irrigated perimeter Office in Baguinéda (OPIB). It is a question of knowing the operating mode of the administration of the OPIB but also the perception, the appreciation, the level of satisfaction or the wishes of the target farmers-producers. It is also knowing the induced effects and the concrete results obtained. Through a field survey, with the management of the OPIB and the producers, we managed to show the instructions for use and the effects of communication for the agricultural development of the OPIB : It is the importance of communication for agricultural development that has been corroborated. From their positive perception to the concrete results obtained, through their good appreciation, satisfaction and expectations, the producers confirmed an appropriate use, to be improved, of communication for agricultural development by the OPIB.

Keywords: Communication ; Agriculture ; Development ; OPIB ; Mali