Abstract (De l’identité du personnage transculturel dans La Répudiation et Printemps de Rachid Boudjedra)

The encounter between the different characters in the texts of
Rachid Boudjedra often depicts a complex and conflicting world. Upon
analysis, we realize that the stranger-character is always perceived by the
narrator-character as an Other and therefore likely to be a danger. This
situation creates a permanent tension which is perceptible as much in the
discourse produced by the protagonists as in their interactional attitudes.
Thus, in this corpus of novels by Rachid Boudjedra, the characters
experience a fairly identical path in three stages: a situation of conflict
between the protagonist characters, then a rapprochement of different
identities and finally an overcoming of differences thus creating an identity
of difference. Our reflection consist in showing that the construction of
the transcultural character in the texts of Boudjedra testifies to the

aestheticization of a writing inclined to cultural dialogue. We will also
indicate that the transcultural character carries within himself an essential
issue, that of identity.

Keywords: Conflict, Alteration, Otherness, identity of difference, cross-
cultural character.